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Anna Leopolder studied fine arts in Duesseldorf (Prof. Jan Dibbets)  and Berlin (Prof. Karl-Horst Hödicke) and has also been passionate about rhythm and music for most of her life. In the 90ies, she was founding member of two notorious trash/punk bands in Hamburg, Germany: “Mausi Sisters” and “Meckatzer Bubn”.
Mausi Sisters:  Kathrin Kuhrau (guitar), Pia Burnette (vocals), Bruno Maier (drums), Anna Leopolder (bass)
Meckatzer Bubn:  Marcel Petri (guitar, vocals), Kathrin Kuhrau (drums), Anna Leopolder (bass)

In Hamburg – and later in Berlin – she played mainly deep house and minimal as DJ Anna Elle.

Since 2014 she has been working as producer/remixer and live performer.
Her music oscillates between beauty and weirdness, poetic finesse and raw tension. Basically all her tracks and remixes have got this unique dark and cryptical athmosphere which is immediately captivating.
Her music has been released on several labels such as Berlin based Reveller Records, TWIRL! Records (Chicago), Yes Yes Records (Sydney), Minina Music, FETT Recordings and on the „Zoolook Revisited Album“ (selected by Jean Michel Jarre) – together with Daedelus, Simonne Jones, Mikael Seifu und Luke Vibert.



Latest Releases:

Out now: My 2 remixes for Gudrun Gut + Werkstatt – Repetition
on Spotify
or on Juno Download

Live Premiere here:
09. Nov. 17 @ Sameheads, Berlin visuals by Ombra Elettrica!
10. Nov. 17 @ Liquid Sky Berlin (broadcasted live via Alex Radio Berlin)


Metapop Remixes Bild



Release of the music video for „Wanting“:



Remix for Laylae: Show Me What You Want (Fett Recordings)
Also check out the other female:pressure remixes: La Fraicheur, Mila Dietrich and Lady Maru.
get it here:…/803095/show-me-what-you-want

Laylae Remix


„Come With Me“  (Reveller Records)
Soundtrack of Sky Deep’s Film „Enactone“.

It won „best feature film“ on the Berlin Pornfilmfestival!

come with me reveller


My remix for Ena Lind: „The Wisom To Know The Difference EP“ (Anna Leopolder Remix) –  TWIRL! Records, Chicago







Live-Set in Hamburg:  @ THE JUJUJUs – ASAP record release party

Thank you Uebel und Gefährlich for the excellent sound –
it was so f……… great to perform my own stuff for the first timev and see people dance to it!
This won’t be the last time!




Out now on Minina Music:

The JUJUJUs – Dance With Me (Anna Leopolder Remix)

get it here

The JUJUJUs pressetext Kopie



Out on the ZOOLOOK REVISITED Album – selected by Jean Michel Jarre

I am honored to be in such good company – Daedelus, Luke Vibert, Mikael Seifu, Simonne Jones ….

ZOOLOOK Album beatport


My track „En Route“ won at the „ZOOLOOK REVISITED“ Album Contest

Thank you Jean-Michel Jarre for selecting my track

Soundhunters Zoolook Revisited Album

Vinyl Release of the album will be in march

Pre-Listening here:

Zoolook 2


Interview on VERSE 69

Who wants to know why I´m doing what I´m doing will definitely find some answers here:

interview verse 69 photo

Link to the interview

My remix of „Southern Skies“ feat. Penny Yon (7 MNS Music)

More details here

Southern Skies album cover









Who would have thought that I would ever do a genuine Deep House Remix?

Here it is: Anna Leopolder Dark Remix

for Alley O + Anna Cavazos – Back   (Yes Yes Records)

Please also check out the brilliant remixes from Eli Escobar and others!

Cover artwork backLORES


Out now on Reveller Records!

Anna Leopolder – Initial Sparks EP with 4 tracks

Buy it on Beatport

Media response see here

Anna Leopolder - Initial Sparks EP


My track „Upright Walk“ is featured on this compilation:

female:pressure Comp 1 (Revelller Records)
Link to my track:  Anna Leopolder – Upright Walk

femal pressure cover


The remix of „Spherephonic – One Day“ was released at Apparatus vivere records.


Anna Leopolder Bild


Anna Leopolder Berlin

female:pressure –  V I S I B I L I T Y

selfie bass Kopie

Gig with the Mausi Sisters, Hamburg ca. 1994

Meckatzer Bubn

Meckatzer Bubn 1995

Mausi Sisters Szene Hamburg klein

Mausi Sisters, Magazin „Szene Hamburg“, 1994